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Nkran means ants in Twi and this is the word the city of Accra is named after.

And names don't lie.

Our kitchen is riddled with ants, every single container needs to be airtight. Otherwise you will find a pile of ants on the food once you get back to it. Our garbage is perpetually surrounded by them as well. But it's not just ants, if that weren't bad enough. Oh, no. The bugs here are on steroids. Spiders are the size of baseballs and centipedes look like moving hot dogs. My watch is hardly bigger than the cockroaches here. Mosquitoes have bitten me more in Ghana than I've had bites in my entire life. Insects don't mess around here.

For the record: I. HATE. BUGS. I want nothing to do with them so this is low-key my worst nightmare. But, I'm not screaming at everything in sight which is good! Somewhat of an improvement. Hopefully I can squish a bug by the time I leave.

Who am I kidding? I hate all the bugs here. Please, I'll sell a kidney to get rid of them. 😭😭