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The Defeat of Godzilla

Based on a true story...

The warm wind outside brought in the noises of the neighbors through the window, the whir of the air conditioner drowned out some of the noise. Otherwise a peaceful night for four girls living in Mamprobi. As Lina prepared to sleepover in Halley, Hannah, and Jessica's room the other three were settling into bed. Little did the four girls know they would fight a battle, never to be forgotten in all of Ghana, tonight.

Jessica slipped under her bed net and flipped open her novel, hoping to unwind after an evening of rom com movies and gossip stories. She gazed up from the top of her book and noticed a shape resting above her net. Slowly the shape came into focus and Jessica noticed a reptile perched on the top of her bed net. It's body loomed over her as if to trap her on her bed. She remained calm as her blood rushed through her body in fear. Then, she spoke aloud, "Guys... There's a gecko on my net!" The other three girls turned their focus to Jessica's gaze and saw the creature as well. The excitement in the room immediately burst through the peace.

"It's kind of cute!" said Lina. "My brother had these as a kid." said Halley. "Oh my god, it's Godzilla!" said Hannah.

But, Jessica was trapped under her net as long as Godzilla hovered over her, encasing her. "Get him off!" Jessica called. "I don't want to touch him!", "What if I wake up and he's on my face?" The others cried out. All four girls stood petrified as the reptile claimed the bedroom as his domain. Eventually, Halley bravely slipped on gloves and grabbed a spatula and a bucket. She would sacrifice herself and capture the beast, thus, saving them all.

Halley reached over Jessica's net and attempted to grab Godzilla and toss him into the bucket. "Got it!" Halley exclaimed as she pinched the tail. However, as she tried to pull the monster off the net... Godzilla darted the other way, leaving the remnants of his tail still moving in Halley's hand.

Shrieks exploded in the room as Godzilla slipped off his perch and escaped to another side of Jessica's bed. Alas, Jessica was free to escape from under her net! As she joined the other four girls Godzilla was running under their beds, out of sight. Soon Godzilla materialized on the net again, but this time sandwiched against the wall.

"We need a smaller bucket!" said Lina. She and Jessica went to get another bucket, leaving Hannah and Halley to defend the room alone. When they returned Halley had coaxed Godzilla to come out into the open. Then Godzilla released his rage and charged at them, almost taking out Lina, Hannah, and Jessica all at once. The three of them ran for their lives, barely escaping his wrath.

Once the three regained their strength they returned to help the lone warrior, Halley. They discovered her, belly down on the ground trying to find him from under the third bed.

"I found him! But, the spatula is too small to reach him." said Halley. Jessica had a rush of courage and ran for a broom, its long handle capable of reaching the creature. She asked Lina to bring her closed-toed shoes as she slipped on gloves herself. Jessica would join Halley on the front lines of this battle.

Halley brushed Godzilla out from hiding and he darted once more to Jessica's bed. As Jessica and Halley tried to find Godzilla, blood curdling screams erupted out of the other two girls.

What had happened? Had the two been defeated by Godzilla? They turned to find Lina and Hannah discovering another monster, a massive beetle! But it turned out to already have been killed so the four returned to the main battle against Godzilla.

He was gripping onto the edge of the net, easily liftable into the bucket. Jessica and Halley gently lifted the edge of the net into the bucket, careful not to disturb the resting beast. Slowly, as if to lay down a sleeping infant, the two managed to lay the net over the bucket, Godzilla upside down over the plastic. With a quick tap his grip slipped and he fell to the depth of the bucket. But how will they remove the screen of the net without him escaping the top? Jessica ran and grabbed a lid for the bucket and quickly replaced the net.

The two walked the captured beast outside, to be banished from the house. They peeled back the lid and kicked the bucket into the distance, sending Godzilla back into the depths of the wild, never to be seen again. Once again, all was quiet in Mamprobi. The neighbor's noises once again buzzed alongside the air conditioning and the four girls could finally rest for a new day. Truly a battle to be remembered and through perseverance and cunning plans they defeated a frightening monster.