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Cape Coast!

Finally in the last half of my time in Ghana! Due to some personal issues I have been behind in my posts. But, here I am in Cape Coast!

Cape Coast is the capitol of the Central Region of Ghana and was the colonial capitol of Ghana. It is known for being one of the largest slave trade port in West Africa. And you can tell, everywhere you look are old castles and fortresses remaining from that era. It is a eerie reminder of the country's history. Due to its position during colonial rule it is also the capitol of education in Ghana and is known for the prestige of its schools.

Aside from the history of Cape Coast, it's also home to some of the most GORGEOUS beaches I've ever seen. The best wifi is on a beach resort, I get very little done despite my best efforts. There is also Fetu Afeshe (Festival of the Gods) is the largest festival in all of West Africa, it is the first week of September each year. The largest event is Orange Friday which is when the youth of the city dresses in all orange and parades through the city streets.

I spent my first week doing social work instead of hospital work. It was a very insightful change of perspective in healthcare, but, I am VERY excited to start at Cape Coast Teaching Hospital tomorrow!